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A garden design and landscape project with seating, lighting, paving, raised beds, barbeque, fire pit, planting, screening
sloping garden, steps, oak sleepers, planting, lawn, design, bark, fencing
garden design, paving, 3d, planting, fencing, lawn, edges

Examples of Garden Design 

Below are some examples of designs already carried out by Postal Garden Design. These pictures are low resolution pictures to allow for faster loading but the true high resolution pictures you get with your design show much greater detail. 
To see a bigger version, simply click on the pictures. 
An example of a planting plan where the design is simplifies to show clear areas for planting. The plant positions are numbered to relate to a seperate sheet with plant names and quantities
This view shows a simplified design with the planting layout drawn in over the top of the design. Each circle is labelled and corresponds to a numbered list of plants alongside. 
An early garden design showing a timber deck with raised bed and brick edging.
This area of a garden includes a large decking area slightly raised above the lawn with a raised bed built with round timber logs alongside. A brick mowing strip around the raised edges makes mowing much easier. 
A front garden design showing two seperate drives merging on a path leading to the front door. Planting in gravel covered beds adds interest and a steel and timber balustrade forms a boundary with the pavement.
This front garden provides parking for two cars and easy access from both sides to the front door. Low maintenance planting and cobble areas provide decoration with a post and stainless steel horizontal balustrade forming the boundary. 
Part of a front garden design showing a drive with new lawn and borders either side.
Another front garden laid with a generous block paved drive for two cars with room to walk around with ease. Lawns on either side of the drive are surrounded by decorative shrub planting. 
An overhead view of a rear garden design including patio, retaining walls, lawn, brick edging, planting and a water feature.
This shows an example of a finished design as a plan view. This view can be useful for setting out when building the garden. Other views help with level changes but this one where each feature site in the garden. 
A detail drawing showing the construction of a sleeper retaining wall and steps. The finished drawing would be labelled and include dimensions to assist with self build.
This example shows a construction detail of a set of steps built using railway sleeper risers and paved treads with a sleeper retaining wall behind. The finished drawing will be labelled to show materials and layout. 
A corner of a garden design showing a new patio with brick edged borders and a raised vegetable garden.
A design for a family garden with several uses. This area includes a patio and shrub areas with a lawn edged with blocks to ease maintenance. A raised vegetable garden provides home-grown produce and the young children are able to assist with this. 
Part of a garden design showing a swimming pool, fencing and large patio
A garden design showing an area of garden surrounding a swimming pool. Much of this area is to be left as is with only minor modification but it helps to envisage the overall scheme if the entire garden is shown. 
A cosy seating area surrounded by raised beds and planting. Timber screening hides a parking space for a camper van and a large gas barbecue is built in to provide a self contained entertainment area catching the evening sun.
This design is for a cosy entertainment area pitched at one end of a drive area to catch the evening sun. A built in barbecue and comfy seating are all surrounded by rendered raised beds planted with a mixture of small shrubs to provide scent and decoration. 
An overhead view of a garden design will show what the garden will look like from an upstairs window.
With 3D garden design it is possible to show the garden as if you were looking out of an upstairs window which can give a much better perspective of the garden layout as this picture shows. You can always ask for specific views of the final drawing to be sent. 
Part of a large garden design showing paving, planting, pergola, lawn and seating
An initial draft is a basic layout drawing and does not contain any additional decoration such as planting, furniture, pots, etc. so that the drawing outline is very clear. Only when the design has been approved will these additions be added to give a more finished view. 
Part of a large garden design showing a large patio with a cicular paved feature and a curved path leading further down the garden.
This is part of a large garden where only a small part of the garden is being re developed. This is an example of a draft design and as such, some of the detail is missing. This gives the customer a good clear idea of the layout of the new garden. 
A garden design showing a large patio leading to a side path heading towards the garage. Planting softens the boundaries and the trellis screen provides initial privacy whilst the plants mature.
This is another example of a draft design showing the transition between patio and utility area. I am working on adding more "real" materials based on actual paving slabs etc. to the software so that accurate impressions can be provided of the built design. 
A design of a fence and gate arrangement providing double gates to access a boat storage area and a pedestrian gate for easy access to take the bins out.
An example of the basic draft detail contained within a garden design. These items are all drawn from scratch or purchased from a bank of items to show exactly how features work together and how practicalities such as bins are incorporated. 
A gently sloping garden is designed with terracing to provide level areas of lawn for young children to play on.
This is an example of a small sloping garden that has been made much more usable with a simple terraced layout. With two small children, level lawns needed to be as large as possible and a deck was required to catch the evening sun. 
Part of a draft design showing the basic layout of the design including paving, steps, paths, screening, fencing and the existing hot tub.
This is a draft design without any plants or accessories to show the exact layout in a simple form. This version is used to discuss the general layout before adding the planting and accessories to complete the design. 
Another view of a large garden design showing the basic layout of the new garden.
Another example of a draft design shown in its simplest form. The existing garden was a very eclectic mix of features and it was very difficult for the customer to see how the garden could be transformed, hence the very simply drawn design. 
A small corner of a 3D garden design showing planting surrounding a seating area fronted by lawn.
A small garden design with a circular lawn edged with granite setts to compliment the granite patio. A timber bench nestles on a small paved area in amongst shrubs for a secluded feel whilst the lighting allows the area to be used at any time. 
A small corner of a garden design showing a combination seating and planting area with a timber deck plinth.
Another seating area built with sleepers to a bespoke design. A hardwood deck if front provides a solid base whilst the seating behind is built around standard sized cushions. Lighting allows the area to be used at any time and planting adds to the decoration. 
This part of a garden design shows the detail that can be achieved and that any view of the garden can be supplied to help envisage the project.
A close-up of the fine detail achievable using this method of design. This shows a bollard light amongst planting alongside a path leading from a patio to a seating area. Views of the garden design can be created from any angle and in any detail. 
Another garden design showing a seating area built in to a raised bed surrounding a paved patio. This helps solve several issues at once including the slope up to the lawn.
This view shows a raised sleeper bed built to retain the higher ground behind. The bed includes a hardwood bench and planting and acts as a low divide between the patio and the lawn area of the garden. The gravel helps to extend the paving and provides drainage. 
A corner of a small garden design aith a paved seating area designed to accomdate a particular set of Ikea furniture. The gravel and planting around make the area softer and also provide drainage areas for the main patio. Lighting allows the area to be used at night. 
A 3D garden design showing a random rectangular patio surrounded by cobbles and planting to create a soft look to the area.
Details can be added to any garden design to make the image more realistic to the client. In this case, the simple addition of an outside tap gives good reaon for the paving to be laid up to the house wall in that particular area. 
A draft example of a patio design using a mirrored tudor pattern for the paving slabs and block paviours to creat the four quadrants.
This drawing shows a draft design for a patio in which each quadrant is mirrored to the others. A different design in the center adds a focal point to the area which provides a large patio area for a good sized family house.  
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